Finally, all your labels in one place.

Labelbase is a label management service for Bitcoin transactions and addresses.

Labelbase provides features for adding labels, importing and exporting labels, and offers a public API for integration with wallets and existing workflows.
This ensures that you always have access to the most up-to-date information.

Labelbase supports BIP-329, a format for unifying label data.

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Who sends data to Labelbase?

Supported wallets


Seamless interoperability based on BIP-329

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Your labels are encrypted.

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How to send data to Labelbase?

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What can you do with Labelbase?

Store your labels

Labelbase provides a secure storage service for all your BIP-329 labels, ensuring easy retrieval and management.

Protect your labels

Employing robust encryption, Labelbase safeguards your labels, ensuring the confidentiality and security of your sensitive data.

Sync your labels

Labelbase seamlessly synchronizes your Bitcoin labels across multiple platforms and services, ensuring consistent access and management.

Import your labels

Efficiently import and integrate label data from various wallet export formats into Labelbase, streamlining the process of label management.

Export your labels

Labelbase allows you to export your Bitcoin labels in the BIP-329 format, facilitating smooth integration into different wallets and systems.

Encrypt your labels

Labelbase enables you to export your Bitcoin labels in the BIP-329 format, encrypted using a passphrase, as a 7z archive for offline storage or secure transfer.

Access your labels anywhere

Enjoy the convenience of accessing your Bitcoin labels from any location, ensuring seamless management and organization.

Stay organized

Labelbase simplifies label management, enabling you to stay organized and in control of your Bitcoin transactions and associated data.

Extend Labeling

Effortlessly expand your labeling capabilities by loading transactions and extending label inputs and outputs.

Seamless label editing

Effortlessly modify and edit your Bitcoin transaction labels within Labelbase, empowering you to refine and update information as needed.

High-Performance Optimization

Effortlessly handle large label sets, with rapid access and convenient shortcuts. Labelbase is meticulously optimized for peak performance, guaranteeing a seamless and efficient label management experience without compromising speed or functionality.

Fix & merge your labels

Easily rectify any discrepancies or merge duplicate labels within Labelbase, ensuring accurate and streamlined Bitcoin transaction management.

Privacy First

With a strong emphasis on data security and user confidentiality, Labelbase prioritizes privacy as a core feature, ensuring the utmost protection of your sensitive label and transaction data.

Mobile First

Enjoy seamless label management on the go with Labelbase's mobile-first approach, enabling users to access and manage their Bitcoin labels conveniently from their smartphones and tablets.


Empower full control over your label management system with Labelbase's self-hosted option, allowing users to host their label management service on their preferred servers for enhanced customization and security.


Enhance your labels with attachments. Attach images and files directly to your labels, streamlining your documentation workflow and enriching the data associated with each label.

On-demand Support Chat

We are happy to assist you with the integrated on-demand support chat by Chatwoot.
Privacy is ensured as the chat script loads only when you request it, which is totally optional.

Automated Output Management

We utilize Electrum servers to automatically update your spendable outputs. Labelbase keeps the state of your spendable outputs up to date, helping you keep track of your labels and funds.

Automated Fiat Currency Evaluation

Labelbase converts the value of your spendable outputs to fiat currency, assisting you in keeping track of your portfolio value measured in your chosen currency.

.. and much more.

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