Discover the New Derive Addresses Feature in Labelbase v2.2.0

Dear Labelbase Community-Member,

We are excited to announce the release of Labelbase Version 2.2.0, introducing an innovative feature that further enhances your Bitcoin label management experience. With this update, you can now derive Bitcoin addresses directly from a BIP-329 XPUB label using the new 'Derive Addresses' tab.

This new feature allows you to seamlessly derive Bitcoin addresses and label each one directly, simplifying your workflow and improving the organization of your address data.

If your wallet does not yet support BIP-329, this is not a problem. Create a label of the type "xpub" and derive the desired addresses. An 'Address' menu item will show up in your Labelbase for quick access to your derived addresses.

Key Highlights of the Derive Addresses Feature

  • Efficient Address Derivation: Generate Bitcoin addresses from a BIP-329 XPUB label with ease.
  • Direct Labeling: Label each derived address directly within the 'Derive Addresses' tab.
  • Enhanced Workflow: Integrate address derivation and labeling into your existing processes smoothly.

Notable Change

  • Yellow Screen: With 2.2.0, the Debug-Yellow Screen has been removed. Please consider enabling anonymized error tracking using Sentry in your "Profile Settings".


The Derive Addresses feature is now available in the self-hosted and the hosted demo version of Labelbase v2.2.0.

Getting Started or Upgrading

For a detailed installation guide, visit: github.com/Labelbase/Labelbase/blob/master/install.md

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Demo, hosted labelbase.space

Previous announcement: labelbase.space/ann-v2-1-1-onwards

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